What is Chinese Dietary Therapy?

Dog/cat Chinese dietary therapy uses food as medicine. Each  food has its own effect on the body. For example, some foods can cool the body, while others make the body feel hot.
Dog/cat Chinese dietary therapy is the practice of designing a therapeutic diet that addresses the patient’s specific needs to help restore and maintain balance within the body.

How is Dog/Cat Chinese dietary therapy used for specific health conditions?

Here is an example of how dietary therapy might be used for a specific condition: A dog with recurring ear infections and itchy red skin rashes who drinks a lot of water, pants excessively, seeks out cold tile floors to lie on, and dislikes hot weather might feel better on a diet that decreases the Excess Heat in the body and removes Dampness from the body. Dr. Yu would either formulate a recipe for a diet that the human could cook at home or he would guide the human to a commercial food containing the therapeutic ingredients necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient.
Dog/cat Chinese dietary therapy is more than herbal supplements for pets. It’s a holistic way of treating your pet’s condition that incorporates the best of Western and Chinese medicine.